No Pain Commitment

no pain guarantee

With the latest advancements in dental care and technology we are now able to provide our patients with a No Pain Commitment. We understand that patients may be anxious or afraid of visiting the Dentist, you may have suffered a bad experience in the past or know someone who has.

Using the latest anaesthetics and anaesthetic delivery systems we are hoping to remove this fear, making it a more pleasant experience when you visit Quality Dental Care.

If you feel pain and it is enough to distress you, please notify the staff member processing your payment and you will incur no out of pocket expense for that visit.


  • Unless prior informed procedure may be uncomfortable.
  • The Commitment is only for the services performed by the Dentist and not the Hygienist or any other staff member.
  • The Commitment is for the pain experienced during treatment in the surgery room only. Once you leave the surgery room you cannot claim the Commitment, even if you start to experience pain or minor discomfort hours later.
  • Quality Dental Care reserves the right to remove this offer at any time without prior notice.
  • Offer may be exercised by any patient once only.