Patient Comfort


At Quality Dental Care we have some of the latest models of dental chairs available on the market. Each chair has extra padding for your comfort. Every chair has an intra-oral camera and monitor so that we can take pictures of your teeth and show you exactly what is going on.

Every treatment room has a television on the ceiling for your entertainment. Noise reducing headphones are available on request. For those with bad backs or necks cushions can be provided to give support to sore areas.

Digital OPG


Orthopantogram (OPG) are panoramic x-rays of the whole jaw mouth region. They are used traditionally to:

  • Detect decay
  • Assess bone levels around teeth
  • Assess wisdom teeth
  • Look for any abscesses
  • Assess the tooth size, shape, number and position
  • Detect and fractures of the jaw
  • Assess the suitability for implants
  • Look for any abnormal growths in the jaw

In the past patients had to go elsewhere to have an OPG, now we can take the x-ray and discuss the results all in the one visit. These digital x-rays do not have anywhere near the amount of radiation exposure of traditional x-rays and the image is available for viewing virtually instantaneously.



With this Technology it is now possible to scan a cavity into a computer. Have the computer create a virtual image, design how the tooth should look and then finally cut a porcelain restoration out ready for the dentist to cement into the tooth. All this in one visit!! Previously this used to involve taking impressions, placing a temporary restoration on the tooth, sending the job to a dental laboratory, calling the patient back after a week to cement in. The CEREC machine does away with all that. Truly it needs to be seen to be believed.

Digital in Mouth X-ray


There are a number of advantages to Digital x-rays:

  • Less Radiation to take the X-ray
  • Time saving - The image can be seen in about a minute after the x-ray has been taken
  • Ability to manipulate the image so we can diagnose any problems with much greater accuracy
  • Discussion - As the image flashes up on a large computer screen on the chair, you the patient
    get to see and discuss with the dentist any findings



"The Wand" is essentially a computer-controlled dental injection. The flow rate of the local anaesthetic is controlled by a computer. This means that the injection is guaranteed to be slow and steady and therefore comfortable. Very often when people feel dental injections it is because the anaesthetic has been fired in too quickly. With "The Wand" the computer regulates the flow rate to create a virtually pain free injection.



HICAPS is a electronic claiming service, providing you with the convenience of electronic claims, processing and payments. The real benefit to you is:

  • Time saving and convenient
  • No more claim forms
  • No need to pay the full consultation fee up-front