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On 14th June 2005, Quality Dental Care first opened for business. The practice was established by Dr. Nirej Rewal and run by Mrs. Gaynor Holdsworth. There were no patients on record, no patients booked in, and no patient phone calls. Suffice to say, in those early days, there were quite a few nervous glances at the door and the telephone was checked many times to make sure it was working.

Since then the practice has grown meteorically, as patients have been only too happy to recommend Quality Dental Care to their loved ones. As the surgery has grown so have our staff numbers to cater to the increasing demand. The practice philosophy “treat others as you would like to be treated” has been the one constant amongst so much change.

Nirej, Gaynor, and all the staff at Quality Dental Care would like to say a very big ” Thank you” to all the wonderful patients who have recommended our practice to their families and friends. Building enduring and lasting relationships through the medium of dentistry is the most rewarding aspect of what we do.

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  • Studied: Bachelor of Dental Surgery
  • Started at QDC: 2005
  • What I like about QDC: We focus on the wellbeing and comfort of our patients in a friendly stress-free environment.
  • Interests: Eating chocolate, playing sports, reading, watching TV, and spending time with the family.
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  • Studied: BDSc Melbourne
  • Started at QDC: 2016
  • What I like about QDC: A very tightly knitted team of amazing people who do their absolute best for patients and for each other’s interests.
  • Interests: Spending time with hubby and furbaby, Exploring different cuisines.
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  • Studied: University of Adelaide
  • Started at QDC: 2020
  • What I like about QDC: Unique patient-centered care with the latest dental technology in a comfortable environment to achieve optimum oral health for our patients.
  • Interests: I am a huge foodie and like music, and spending time with my family, friends.
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Dental Hygienist
  • Studied: Advanced Diploma of Oral Health
  • Started at QDC: 2012
  • What I like about QDC: I enjoy seeing our regular patients teach lifelong tips, seeing results and satisfaction from new patients.
  • Interests: I enjoy spending time with my family and trying out a new eateries.
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Dental Hygienist
  • Studied: Advanced Diploma Oral Health, Tafe SA
  • Started at QDC: 2014
  • What I like about QDC: QDC has a strong focus on high-quality care for its patients and a supportive team environment.
  • Interests: Camping, 4×4 driving, and spending time with my family.
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Oral Health Therapist
  • Studied: Bachelor of Oral Health, University of Adelaide
  • Started at QDC: 2021
  • What I like about QDC: Everyone at QDC ensures all patients have a pleasant and relaxing dental experience.
  • Interests: I enjoy watching movies, learning how to cook, lifting weights, and spending time with family.
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Practice Manager
  • Background: I’ve worked in the dental industry for almost 50 years.
  • Started at QDC: 2005
  • What I like about QDC: I love the family feel of the staff. I really enjoy interacting with our long-term patients.
  • Interests: I enjoy yoga, walking, kayaking, and love to dine with friends.
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Dental Assistant
  • Studied: Certificate 3 and 4 in dental assisting
  • Started at QDC: 2012
  • What I like about QDC: I really value the family feel at QDC, we all help each other out.
  • Interests: I really enjoy watching the F1s, pottering, cryptic puzzles, and spending time with my family.
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Dental Assistant
  • Studied: Certificate 3 and 4 in Dental Assisting
  • Started at QDC: 2016
  • What I like about QDC: I love our close-knit, family team & the atmosphere it creates for patients.
  • Interests: In my spare time I have a young family & a cake business that keeps me busy.
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Dental Assistant
  • Background: I have been a qualified Dental Assistant since 2003.
  • Started at QDC: 2015
  • What I like about QDC: At QDC respect and dignity is shown towards patients and staff.
  • Interests: I love spending time with my family, and enjoy hiking, baking, cooking.
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Dental Assistant
  • Studied: Certificate 3 in Dental Assisting, Tafe SA
  • Started at QDC: 2019
  • What I like about QDC: I love the feeling of QDC being a family and the support I get from all the staff
  • Interests: I love horse riding, reading, and spending time with family.

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