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It can be difficult to provide exact fees without doing a full examination initially. Fees vary according to the nature of the treatment demands. To give our patients an idea of approximate costs a fee range has been included for each procedure. The fee range indicated is before any health fund rebates.

A comprehensive examination is the first step in assessing and getting your oral health back on track. During an examination we try to identify:

✔ Tooth decay
✔ Broken Fillings
✔ Cracked Teeth
✔ Alignment Issues
✔ Gum Problems
✔ Jaw Joint problems
✔ Problems in chewing your food
✔ The presence of any mouth ulcers, growths, and cancers

Typically with an initial examination, it is recommended that you have 2 routines in mouth X-rays and 1 X-ray of your whole mouth and jaw region (OPG). This provides us with a good overview from which we can then develop a treatment plan.

We will then present to you our findings, very often showing you pictures of problem areas and giving you a range of treatment options. Once you have decided on the option right for you, we give you a printout of the estimated fee along with any item numbers should you wish to check with your health fund to see if you are covered.

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