(The fee range indicated is before any health fund rebates.)

Damaged / Infected Tooth Services

damaged / infected tooth services damaged / infected tooth services damaged / infected tooth services

Extraction ($120 - $300)

Very often we will be able to remove whatever tooth is giving you trouble. Before extraction we take an x-ray to assess the complexity of the case. In certain complicated cases we will advise you to see a specialist to have the tooth removed.

Root Canal Treatment (to be quoted at appointment)

When a tooth becomes infected the pain can be extreme. Signs that you might have a dental infection:

  • Pain on biting
  • Pain on eating or drinking hot and cold things that lasts a long time
  • Throbbing or constant pain
  • Pain that is referred somewhere else
  • Associated gum swelling

The dentist will first take an x-ray to verify which tooth is infected. Generally treatment for an infected tooth is either an extraction or a root canal. 'Root Canal Treatment' is the name given to a series of appointments designed to sterilize and seal the canal in which the nerve runs.

It is not a painful procedure as most people think. Having root canal treatment will let you keep your natural tooth; however, we do recommend a Porcelain (Cerec) Restoration or a Crown to be placed on the tooth afterwards to hold the tooth together.