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Implants are generally regarded as the option of choice for replacing a missing tooth. Once the tooth is removed the specialist will place a titanium screw into the socket which attaches the dental implant. After a period, generally 3 months, the specialist will test to see if your body has accepted and bonded with the implant. If so, you will be referred back to your dentist, so that they can put a Crown on it.


  • Fantastic Success rate
  • Permanently fixed in your mouth
  • No damage to adjacent teeth
  • Closest match to natural teeth


  • Cost
  • Time taken  TOOTH REPLACEMENT SERVICES tooth 001


There are several types of Bridges.

The Maryland Bridge

A missing tooth is replaced by something in porcelain and is held in place by a metal wing cemented onto the tooth or teeth adjacent.


  • Minimal tooth preparation
  • Fixed in mouth solution (as opposed to dentures)
  • Inexpensive compared with other options
  • Can be completed in 2 weeks


  • Still requires some preparation
  • Not advised for high load bearing areas of the mouth  TOOTH REPLACEMENT SERVICES tooth 003

Fixed Bridge

Teeth on either side of a gap are prepared for crowns and a tooth is attached in the middle to replace the missing tooth.


  • Can be used on multiple sites
  • Faster in construction than an implant
  • Can strengthen adjacent teeth if they are in need of crowns


  • Preparing teeth on either side of the gap means a considerable amount of tooth is lost
  • Not as good a success rate as implants  TOOTH REPLACEMENT SERVICES tooth 002


Dentures are difficult to provide a quote for as they are made to your individual needs. At Quality Dental Care we can do partial dentures in cobalt-chrome, valplast or acrylic. Also Full dentures are available in acrylic.

Dentures as a tooth replacement option aren’t the most favoured by most dental professionals as they take a fair bit of getting used to, and aren’t always well tolerated by everyone.  TOOTH REPLACEMENT SERVICES tooth 005

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